Travaille Family Columbias and Hampshires
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Welcome to Travaille Family Columbias and Hampshires

We've been producing sheep since 2006 and have slowly built up our flock.  We currently raise Columbias, Hampshires, Southdowns, and Club Lambs.  We attend a few shows every year including the National Columbia Show and Sale, Iowa State Fair, Clay County Fair, Osceola County Fair, and the Upper Midwest Columbia Sheep Show.  We produce sheep that are big-boned, fast-gaining, physically-correct, and easy-keeping.  

We started our Columbia flock when we bought 17 yearling ewes for Steve Kitzan.  Eventually, we bought an additional 20 ewes from Leland Thiesen and now own about 60 ewes.  Our Hampshire ewe flock goes back to Bobendrier, Sik, and Caskey.  We own 20 hampshire ewes and we sell most of our lamb crop off the farm.  Our Southdown flock goes back to Fastert, Wolkow, and Held breeding.
Producing Sheep for the showring and the farm